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Wild Boyfriend

Cat's Love

I've Seen It All #1



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Don't Rub Yourself Against My Ass


A Fight Against Unseen Enemies!


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Andreas is more in love and in more danger than ever. He's never felt more alive than when he is overwhelmed body, mind and will by Lord Darius Galetea, the most powerful being in the known universe. Their lives, however, are far from simple or idyllic. Scientific evidence is mounting that the capital city from The Time That Was exists in the barren wastelands. News from the Cosi Compound convinces Darius and Mykos that their predecessors misled them about the extreme danger looming over their civilization and that a faction there is actively working against them finding answers. In spite of all of this turmoil, Andreas, Darius and Mykos are determined to have a Sit Down with the most unstable hostiles under Cosi rule far from safety where unknown elements are in play.


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