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Fan Fiction Winners 2016

This year, winners of the Fanfiction Contest were separated by the smallest of margins. YGG was impressed with the level of atristry in these stories. Please, take a moment to read them and send the writers encouragement to write more fic!

Grand Prize
The Disappearing Moon
by Akasha1908(Touken Ranbu)

Grief-stricken, Kogitsunemaru is drawn to a secluded hilltop buried deep in the forest. There he believes he will draw his last breath and finally join his beloved in the afterlife. But when he arrives at this sacred place, he bears witness to a secret as ancient as time itself, discovering the truth behind the disappearing moon.... Read more...

First Prize
Moonlit Angel
by LKChoi (Betrayal Knows My Name)

Yuki is Godís Light, but he is the one with a guardian angel, leading him through the darkness into the light. Read more...

Second Prize
In the Deep End
by UllaBritta (Naruto/Free! Eternal Summer)

Kakashi and Iruka are part of the Iwatobi Swim Club and through their love for swimming and a surprising friendship, they learn more about themselves, love and what it means to truly be brave. But also the pain of losing someone dear.  Read more...

Third Prize
Chasm (Daisuga) by Adai E.B (Haikyuu!)

The story in which best friends learn the difference between love and an empty hole. Read more...
Art by hp_bacio

Honorable Mention
Stuck in You
by Lady Mari-Chan (Attack on Titan)

Hanji's up to tricks again and when the experiment goes slightly awry, Levi finds himself stuck between a cock and a hard place. Read more...

Art source

Honorable Mention
The Bet by ii (Tokyo Ghoul)

A nice little smutty two-shot for Tsukiyama and White-haired Kaneki. Read more...

Honorable Mention
(No) Pun Intended by Raining Sky Guy (Kuroko no Basket)

Izuki is aghast. He has finally found his match but he is far from fired up. This man doesn't even acknowledge the puns! His clever word-play just flies over his head and Izuki won't let that go on any longer. Thus begins his puny quest towards acknowledgment. Eventual IzuKasa. NOT crack. Read more...

Honorable Mention
Tear-Soaked Ember by LKChoi (Kamisama Kiss)

Tomoe has trouble processing his torrent of emotions over Mikage's disappearance. Read more...

Art by VermeilleRose

Honorable Mention
Hope by Shark Girl (Haikyuu!!)

It had been a few weeks since Kuroo had showed up at Bokutoís doorstep, soaking wet from the downpour outside and carrying a broken and bleeding Akaashi in his arms. Read more...