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Patreon Review: Ori Cosplay International

Patronage is a time honored tradition where an artist is financially supported in their profession by people of means. In recent history, this practice of individual Patrons of the Arts has been replaced by grants from foundations or governments. While these grants have helped thousands of artists through the decades, they are not easy to apply for and they do not apply to many of the arts that have sprung up in the wake of social media and international fandom. Patreon.com was created to be the more like patronage of old by way of crowdfunding. Patreon accounts allow Creators the time and materials to hone their craft and produce new works for fans to enjoy. In exchange, the Patreon Subscribers get unfiltered access to their favorite artist and extra gifts that regular followers can't get. Fans don't have to travel hundreds of miles and pay for con badges and hotel rooms to hear their favorite artist answer questions or get special works. And Patreon Subscribers don't have to have the deep pockets of Old-Timey Patrons. All they need is a spare five or ten dollars per month to sponsor their favorite talent. These small amounts can become powerful in large numbers allowing artists great freedom to do works that would have taken them years to accomplish from their own means. Patreon also cuts through the red tape of the grant process and includes artist that would never be considered worthy under the guidelines of a Foundation or Government.

In response to questions by page followers about what fans get from being a subscriber to a Patreon Account, YGG Magazine is going to take a look at actual accounts and review them. We hope these insights will make decisions on which accounts to support easier. We will begin with Ori Cosplay International.

Ori Cosplay International Patreon Overview – Perks

$5 Level

• Each photo we post online doubled in size and quality, but without those pesky tags in the bottom.

• Ori Cosplay International HD monthly wallpaper in glorious sizes that fit all your media.

• All of our $5+ Patrons will receive access to the "Legacy" area of the upcoming official OriCosplay site. Details TBA.

$10 Level

• Ori Cosplay Publications (Pocket edition) - a digital monthly feature bulletin containing exclusive shots, columns by Ori Cosplay International members and associates, behind the scenes, and much, much more.

• Monthly raffle - one lucky winner will receive a publicly dedicated photo every month!

• Before / After - check out every shot we post with and without the post-processing.

$20 Level

• Ori Cosplay Publications - a digital monthly feature bulletin containing exclusive shots, columns by Ori Cosplay International members and associates, behind the scenes, tutorials, interviews with cosplay and fanartist stars, video excerpts, and much, much more.

• Ori Cosplay Backstage full access pass - be the first to see it all. A secret group dedicated to updates and chats. Have your morning coffee with us and chat away!

• Weekly live video chats with members of the "Backstage area"!

$50 Level – $20 Perks+

• Full quality print-ready photo with a dedication exclusively for you! Every month!

• Cheeky Ori is cheeky. Once a month, we get your favourite character we cosplay for a rather... Welcoming kind of shot.

• In addition to our Cheeky Ori perk, we're offering a way to get your hands on an exclusive on-demand shot, inspired by fanart of your choice, or just your imagination. In other words, get ready to demand your own creative embodiment in cosplay. Yes, we're talking Commisions!*

$100 Level – $50 Perks+

• Monthly print of your choice sent directly to your address. Pick your poison, and get it now!

• Exclusive prints made available per selection!

• In the Closet - Now, no one likes being there, but we promise we have some fabulous stuff in the mix. First look and discussions on our upcoming projects, cosplays, you are the first one to be notified of our every move, and partake in it as a full fledged "Ori Cosplay Platinum Member".

by Simon Bransby

Everyone has seen various projects and artists asking for sponsorship on this platform, and I was asked to give my opinion. I was granted access to a well-known Cosplayer’s page on Patreon, and I was able to see what benefits being a sponsor brings with it. There are some areas of content that can’t be seen by everyone, only those who have active accounts for that artist.

Initial impression of Ori Cosplay International's Patreon: I like the patron-only stuff. It gives an exclusivity and intimacy with the artist that I feel is worth the money. They’re setting aside and doing specific shoots to thank their sponsors, and let them see a greater level of their work that no one else will get to. It lets you get closer to the person behind their work, and in Ori’s case, that’s a wonderful privilege. He cares about what his fans say, and he does his best to not only bring them what they like, but to reach higher in his craft.

I was given a chance to look at Ori Cosplay's Fanzine; I’m absolutely blown away. The production is clean, balanced, and dripping with pictures in full gorgeous color. The articles themselves, while brief, have a wealth of information on everything from caring for special contact lenses to easing winter skin troubles (even a bit of naughtiness!). More importantly, what I see is the most vital element: Encouragement. Ori Cosplay, both on-scene and in the public meets, are wonderfully vocal about doing what makes them happy. They take time to not only show how a thing is done, but also to uplift those who may doubt their own passions. By speaking about what gives them joy, this multi-talented group shows us all what is possible when a community supports one another. I can’t wait to see the next issue, and I look forward to seeing more of Ori and his friends (in several senses of the word)!

Ori Cosplay Fanzine – February 2017 Along with stories about the Winter Convention and Valentine's Day in Serbia, this issue tackles two kinds of discrimination against Cosplayers. Marija Radovanovich speaks eloquently on behalf of Plus-Sized Cosplayers and the near constant insults endured by them. But she goes further than lamenting this situation. Her article is a tutorial on how to find joy and passion in the character that attracts the cosplayer and how to make that character work for any size. She acknowledges the pitfalls but then teaches how each cosplayer can use their assets to empower themselves. She is a lovely example of how Cosplay can be beautiful on anyone with the right attitude.

Meanwhile, Ori tackles Age Discrimination against Cosplayers. This has become almost acceptable to call fans of all types too old to play. Cheeky Ori's style of addressing this absurdity is best heard from the man himself. We were given permission to post the entire article.

Click for link.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I'd have to say that your personal interest in the artist would determine how much you want to sponsor them; but I do feel that it's a worthwhile investment in most cases. These are creatives who want to interact in a personal way with their audience, become something more than a feed-scroll. By inviting direct sponsorship, they are showing how far your money goes into giving them the time to do and make things that enrich many more lives than just their own.

You're not Buying a Service, you're Granting Freedom, an ability to bring and refine so many rare and wonderful gifts into the world, both online and off.

To answer the initial question; yes. Sponsoring an artist through Patreon or another service is always worth the money.

Ori Cosplay International's Patreon can be found here:  http://www.patreon.com/OriCosplay