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Page Rules

  • Yaoi a GoGo is for Yaoi or for anime and manga that has yaoi fanservice. We do not post Yuri or Hentai. We never will. We won't accept posts for it or promote pages about it. Please, don't ask 'what's with the sausage fest?' or 'where are the tits?' (this happens a lot). We will assume you are trolls and ban you.
  • If you have a suggestion for a correction, submit it politely. We do try to make sure everything is correct when it's posted, but we are also really busy people who have full-time jobs and creative pursuits outside the considerable work of running this page. Snarky or rude comments will not be tolerated.
  • No NSFW posts. That means Not Safe For Work (or school as in college or a trade school). We do get asked what that means. That question makes us wonder how old the person asking is. More on that later. For us, NSFW means:
  • No full frontal nudity (and the black stripe across the penis is not enough).
  • No explicit sex acts or violent sex acts.
  • No shota! That means no Sebastian and Ciel or no Sora in anything implying sex and NO Okane Ga Na (don't care what you heard, it's shota). And before you get your knickers in a knot over what is legal in Japan, their legislature just passed laws restricting access to shota. It is widely believed that possession of it will be illegal in Japan within the next few years. Meanwhile, it IS illegal in the US where we are located and where Facebook is located. It is also a violation of FB's TOS. Yeah, it may be other sites, but we are not them and many of them have been shut down over and over.
  • YGG is age restricted. If you are here and under 18, that is a problem for us. Parents have tried to shut the page down many times before. If it comes to our attention that you are underage, we have to ban you.
  • Anime titles on posts 90% of the time, they are in the text above or below the picture. Please, check there before demanding to know a title. Demanding to know a title in all caps or with snarky pics is considered rude. Those comments will be deleted.
  • Cosplay Friday posts 99% of the time have both credits for the cosplayer and the anime to the right of the picture. Please, check there before demanding a name or a title. Admins spend a lot of time getting that information. It is really irritating when someone asks or demands to know something that is already posted.
  • For this feature, if you can't say something nice, say nothing. The cosplayers we post are at many levels of skill. We post them for their enthusiasm for the craft not perfection. Some of them were terrified at the thought of posting in such a large forum. They need encouragement.
  • We will not tolerate any racial comments on Cosplay Friday or anywhere else on the page. We have seen brilliant cosplay from all over the world not just from Japan. We also think that anyone with enthusiasm can rock any character they choose.
  • Requesting a type of post is fine (unless it's shota).
  • Submitting pictures and memes is great.
  • FAQ 4 and 5 have conditions they may take some time before they are posted. Give it 3 days to a week. Keep in mind that we don't post everything sent in. We have good reasons developed over the years YGG has been running. Please, respect those reasons. They are not meant as a judgment on your tastes. Usually, if we pass on a pic or vid, the posts has triggers for members.
  • Submitting fanfic titles is welcomed. However, rape, incest, scat and bestiality are not permitted. These rules are the same as the submission guidelines as Sybaritic Press, the Indie Publisher operated by the Admins.
  • Submitting fan art is welcomed. Please, provide the name of the artist and a link to their work.
  • If you don't see such credits for art we've posted, that means that we haven't found any not that we didn't look. If you have the correct credits, let us know politely.
  • YGG strives to put only legit links to anime and manga where available (the links are to the companies licensed to put it out). The legit links pay the mangaka and anime writers and artists for their work. DO NOT POST any other links in comments. There will be one warning. After that, the poster will be banned. The Admins have worked with many mangaka when they were editors. We take those relationships seriously.
  • In the cases where legit links are not available, we will post the links to the material. DO NOT POST links to anime or manga without asking us. If we haven't posted something, there is a reason beyond us won't know about it (we almost always do know about it). Typically, that reason is the anime it is full of triggers for some members.
  • It should not be necessary to say this, but any derogatory remarks against members in comments will not be tolerated.