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8/1/17 - Behind the Scenes with Sentimental Trickster

Where did your characters come from? Were they inspired by people you know?
I wasn’t thinking of any existing people when I was writing my characters. I was thinking of individuals I could fall in love with. Someone that would make me want to play every route to the very end. Realistically speaking, they are probably a mix of influences from many...  Read more

3/4/17 - Patreon Review: Ori Cosplay International

In response to questions by page followers about what fans get from being a subscriber to a Patreon Account, YGG Magazine is going to take a look at actual accounts and review them. We will begin with Ori Cosplay International. Read more

2/14/17 - Valentine's Day Poll 2017 Results

Which Gorgeous Bishounen Got Your Valentine's Chocolates? Read more

1/10/17 - On Minako and Yuuri

I know a lot of people are trying to dissect Viktor and Yuuri and the dynamics of their coaching relationship. (It’s really hard though since there are literally no boundaries between them as student/coach, fiancés/lovers.)
But anyways: let’s talk about the single most underrated teacher/student relationship in the series.Read More

11/30/16 - Spotlight on Masque of the Red Death Vol: 1

If a yaoi graphic novel was to be created from a well-known horror story, no one, least of all me could ever think of one based on Edgar Allen Poe's classic Masque of the Red Death... Read More